Saturday, July 15, 2017

Create A Total Eclipse Activity With Buncee!

As we plan for our road trip to see the total eclipse on August 21, I was thinking it would be fun to create a Buncee highlighting the event.  

You can too! 
Meagan created an Eclipse sticker in Buncee this week that we can all use.  

You will want to use it on a dark background for it to have the effect of a total eclipse.  For this Buncee, I also added a shadow over the hills and background. 

As Hagan, Eric and I travel three hours south of our home in Iowa to see the total eclipse on that day, we could create a journal, an informational poster, a photo album and even a Buncee with a recording of the eclipse.  It will be fun to share our eclipse creations too. 
For more ideas, apps, websites, books and other eclipse resources, check out this post from my blog

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