Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Two More Future Ready Frameworks Announced For Principals & Instructional Coaches

When this post from Tom Murray popped up through the different Future Ready Facebook Groups, I was so excited!  
This work is something the Future Ready Leadership Team worked on when we went to the Alliance for Excellent Education in Washington D.C. back in May.  You can read about this event. 

Now they are ready, as we get ready to kick off the Future Ready Institutes next week in Albany, to share that work in two new Future Ready frameworks. 
Within Future Ready, there are four roles-based programs including librarians, principals, instructional coaches and technology leaders.
 The Future Ready Librarians developed and published our framework last year.
You can find it here.  As you know, over the last several months we have done a lot of work and advocacy around the Future Ready Librarians framework.
Today, two more were announced.

The Future Ready Principals framework was announced,
 which you will find here.
Also, the Future Ready Instructional Coaches framework,
 which, you will find here.
The Future Ready Technology Leaders framework is also coming soon.

This is such exciting work and these frameworks, along with the leadership, work and drive of all of you, will make a difference for our students and schools.

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