Thursday, July 13, 2017

Copy & Paste In A FLASH Now With Buncee!

As I was working on my People In Our Community Buncee Doodle cards, I found one NEW feature that was super helpful!
It is the Copy and Paste buttons in the editing bar at the bottom of the Buncee creation screen.

As Arvind from Buncee shared last week when this feature came out,
The Copy and Paste feature is useful for taking one item and putting it on multiple slides without having to perform the search/upload action repeatedly. Unlike the Duplicate feature, where selected items are duplicated once on the current slide, Copy & Paste allows you to paste items on any desired slide.
I found this to be helpful and true!  As I created the Buncee above with all of the Buncee Doodle cards, I duplicated the first drawing Buncee Man and pasted him over and over again onto each playing card.  
It was so easy...and fun too!  
To use this feature, just select a single item, multiple items or a group and click Copy at the bottom of the screen.  

Do you see how my Buncee Man is highlighted above?  That is the one I am going to copy. 
Now all you have to do to duplicate him is click on the Paste while it highlighted.

You can see that it pasted another Buncee Man onto my card.

I loved being able to go from slide to slide too!  It would have taken me a lot longer putting all of those little Buncee Man's into these without the Copy and Paste features.

Also, I figured out I could use the Command + C and Command + V functions on my Mac!  So cool. This will definitely change how I create in Buncee.

Thank you Buncee for your help!  

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