Thursday, July 13, 2017

Reading BINGO This Summer & Throughout The Year!

When my sister Heather and her family were visiting us in Denver this month we went to a few of our favorite local bookstores.

Of course, we had to make a stop at Tattered Cover Book Store downtown and...
to the BookBar, which is right in our Highlands Neighborhood.
As you can see, my beautiful niece Riley loved going to the book stores just was much as we did!
Along with finding wonderful new books and lots of great discussions, we came across ideas and activities for summer reading too.  

One of our favorites was the Booked For Summer Bingo from the Tattered Cover. 
As the Tattered Cover site states,

Encourage your kids to read this summer with Booked for Summer BINGO!  

What a great idea!  And so much fun for kids too.

You can read all about the program and get the Summer BINGO cards here.
When I post this BINGO card on Facebook, my dear friend and 2nd grade teacher Tracy Ferguson wrote back with something amazing. 

She had taken the ideas from the Booked For Summer BINGO and created her own for the next school year.  I love this idea...and so did others who were brainstorming how to use this in their library and classroom too. 
You will find Tracy's Reading BINGO Chart here.

If you'd like to use it as your own, please make a Copy.

After Tracy created this, I started to think... In what other ways can we use this idea and get our students excited about reading all year long?  

Let's hear your ideas too!  Post in the comments and I will gather them together to add to this post.

Thank you Tracy and Tattered Cover for inspiring our readers and all of us.  

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