Saturday, July 8, 2017

Earn Buncee Badges For A Free Month Of Buncee...One Of The NEW AASL Best Websites!

I love spending time in the summer learning, creating and connecting with new ideas, tools and resources.

Well, I have a little news from Buncee that will make all of this creating even more fun!

They are the NEW Buncee Badges that you can earn for creating Buncee's and exploring the Classroom Dashboard.

And guess what?  This summer the Buncee Badges can earn you a thirty-day coupon code and if you earn the Buncee Master Badge by August 31, you will receive a coupon code for an additional month of Buncee.

Here is a list of some of these badges: 

1st Buncee created...Buncee Explorer Badge
5th Buncee created...Buncee Whiz Badge
10th Buncee created..Buncee Guru Badge
15th Buncee created...Buncee Voyager Badge
25th Buncee created..Buncee Supernova Badge
30th Buncee created...Buncee Master Badge

Each one of the badges will be sent to you in an email.  You will be able to download it to share on your website, print off to display in your library or classroom, and even use it to create another Buncee.
As one of the 2017 AASL Best Websites, Buncee is one digital tool that you will not want to miss using with your students in the upcoming school year.  

I know you will love creating Buncee's this summer and working towards your badges too!   

You can read more about the Buncee Badge program here on the Buncee blog. 

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