Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Day With Follett...Look How They Get Ready For A New School Year Too!

Yesterday, I had one of the best days! I was in Illinois with my colleagues and friends at Follett.  We had a wonderful day planning, learning and working together.

In the afternoon, I was honored to speak to all of the Follett sales reps that were there for their annual meeting.  We are very lucky to have so many caring, creative and passionate people who care about our libraries, librarians and students.
Harvey Smith, who is a Follett rep in Texas, posted this tweet from their day together.  The reps met with 21 publishing houses to see al of the awesome new things coming out for libraries.
Molly Sullivan, who is a Follett consultant in several states, sent me this message to share her Capstone takeaway from that afternoon with all of the publishing houses.
I was so happy to see it was one of my new books from the Library Skills series I wrote with Cantata Learning and Emily Arrow!

In fact, the books come out in just 10 days on August 1!

If you haven't read about these yet, please visit this post on my blog...My 4 New Library Skills Stories and Songs With Cantata Learning
You can find the series and all of the music, which is arranged and produced by Emily, on the Cantata Learning site here

It is an exciting time of the year as not only librarians, educators and communities get ready to go back to school.  Publishers, book companies and all of the amazing people they have working with them are getting ready to support and celebrating reading, learning and schools throughout the year too.  


  1. We had the most amazing time during your presentation. Thank you for helping renew our passion for the work we do and with extending understanding of how we may support our schools with all things #futurereadylibs . You are truly a light in the world, leaving happiness and inspiration wherever you are. We are so fortunate to have you spend so much time with our Follett team. Thanks for the smiles and fun; missing you already and off to read my book on library manners! (Oh my goodness, it's such a good book!)

    1. Thank you, Molly. That means so much to me. <3 I love being part of all of this and together we will all make such a difference. Did you listen to the music in the books? You will be singing it all day long. :)