Friday, January 6, 2017

Quick, Draw! Play It Today!

I love trying out new things that friends share online.  Tonight my friend Kevin Honeycut shared something I just had to try out!  

It is called Quick, Draw!  This is one of Google's A.I. Experiments.  You will be teaching a neutral network how to recognize doodles and teach it as you play.  

Let me show you how it works!  
You click on Let's Draw at the bottom of the home screen.  It opens up and gives you a prompt to draw something.

It asked me to draw Jail in under 20 seconds. 
The next screen gives you a place to draw.

There is a timer at the top and as you draw Quick, Draw! is trying to guess what you are drawing.
When you are finished it will show you all six of the drawings.

You can select one to see how Quick, Draw! figured out what you were drawing.  

On this screen, you can also Share Your Drawings on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus.
It was fun to see what I drew and that a neutral network guessed all of them correctly.  
It will also tell you if it is guessed incorrectly and what it thought you drew.  That was really funny for my family and I to see!

Give Google's Quick, Draw! a try this weekend.  It reminds me of Pictionary which is always a lot of fun for your students in the library and even our families at home.

You can get to Quick, Draw here.

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