Monday, January 30, 2017

Create Your Valentine's With Buncee!

It is almost February and with that brings Valentine's Day.  I have seen lots of really cute ideas online and in stores for creating Valentine's with kids and for teachers and parents.  

While I love handmade Valentine's filled with drawings, sparkles and hand written notes, I also adore little ones sent to me online and through a text message.  

With Buncee, you can create beautiful Valentine's perfect for sending to your loved ones and friends. 
 There are lots of wonderful choices for Valentine backgrounds to choose from or add your own.
When you start adding items to your Buncee...
 ... you will find Stickers, 
 Animations and so much more.
Once you have your Valentine created, it is easy to share through email or on social media.

This is perfect for students to do from their accounts too.  They can easily share it with family and friends.

And if you use the Buncee app, you can even text it to that special person.
You will find Buncee here online and...
download the Buncee app here.

You now have two amazing places to create your Valentine's too.

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