Sunday, January 22, 2017

Become A Future Ready Librarian & Leader By Joining Project Connect

I am here at the American Library Association Midwinter Conference and there is a buzz in the air about Future Ready Librarians, just like in libraries everywhere and on Twitter, Facebook and every place I have been in the new year.

It is exciting and makes all of us want to do everything we can within our practice and profession to be a Future Ready Librarian.  Along with this charge, we are gathering resources and tools to support our Future Ready work.

This is where Follett's Project Connect comes in.
As one of the main focuses as a Future Ready Librarian is to work alongside district leaders in creating innovative learning opportunities for students, Follett has created Project Connect to support these efforts.

As the website states,

Follett formed Project Connect to advocate for librarians as district leaders so that students can learn digital literacy, modern research techniques and cutting-edge skills that apply across all subject areas.  We help librarians transform their library spaces into vibrant hubs of digital learning by giving them ideas and resources to become future ready.  

As Project Connect was formed, Follett brought together an amazing Librarian Leadership Committee that developed the Future-Ready Librarian Framework.  

Here you will find the framework....
and read how it will prepare any librarian, along with establishing guidelines for administrators and other educational leaders to support their library program and librarians as well.

With my new role as the Project Connect Spokesperson, I am also diving deeper into the Professional Development opportunities Follett has created to support us as librarians and other educators.

These are called Microcredentials and are online courses which focus on developing the qualities of a Future Ready Librarian and Future Ready approach.   
I am starting with the Digital Citizenship Project Connect course and can't wait to work toward my microcredential badge for this one. 

You can take another step towards being future ready by registering for the Digital Citizenship Course here.  The microcredential courses can be purchased by PO or credit card. 

Join us at Project Connect as a Future Ready Librarian and Leader today.  

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