Sunday, January 8, 2017

Knitting for Mrs. Goldman and Dozens of Other Picture, Fiction and Nonfiction Knitting Books!

This year I want to learn how to knit.

I love the culture around knitting.  The care and love that goes into knitting is such a sweet thing.

And I love all of the things that can be created by knitting.  Scarves, mittens, sweaters, dolls...
and even hats, just like in the book A Hat for Mrs. Goldman, one of the newest books in our library. 
Michelle Edwards wrote A Hat for Mrs. Goldman...a Story of Knitting and Love, with beautiful illustrations created by G. Brian Karas.
As this School Library Journal review states,
Mrs. Goldman is a knitter, and users her talents to show love and affection for everyone in her neighborhood my making them hats.  
Sophia notices that Mrs. Goldman's head is bare because she spends all of her time knitting for others.  
When Sophia's hat has a few holes in it, she creates pom-poms to cover the holes...
 making it even more special than ever for Mrs. Goldman.
The back matter includes a easy to follow pattern for the hat and pom-poms that will be easy to follow for beginners and experienced knitters alike.
Michelle's website is terrific and highlights all of her books including A Hat for Mrs. Goldman and a lovely book for knitters called A Knitter's Home Companion.   I can't wait to add this to our library too.
With World Read Aloud Day coming up, I was happy to see that Michelle does Skype with groups of children and knitters.  You can find out about her Skype connections here.

She'd be the perfect Skype to bring to your knitters in the library and Makerspace.
And as a special treat, Brianna and I pulled together dozens of other picture, fiction and nonfiction picture books all about knitting.  These are perfect for storytime, for adding to your Makerspace and to pair up with that student you have who just loves knitting.

You will find the Knitting Books Pinterest Board here.

They are something that will definitely tug at your heart strings and bring you together in the library....just as Sophia did with the hat she knitted for Mrs. Goldman.

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