Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Join Us For The Free, Global Concert With Brady Rymer and Our Friends At Buncee!

I wanted to share with you all information about the free, global concert that we will be live-streaming for classrooms everywhere.

The Peace, Love and Buncee Buddies concert, starring three-time Grammy Nominee Brady Rymer, is a celebration of peace, the universal language of music, and the pen pal project Buncee Buddies.

Currently we have classrooms spread across 4 continents and we are hoping to get as many classrooms as possible to tune in and celebrate together.
Here is a message from Brady about the Global Buncee Buddies Concert and more information can be found here.
There will also be a contest running in conjunction with the concert.

You can enter the #bradyandbuncee Contest to win a Skype chat with Brady for your class a Buncee discount!

Learn more about the contest here.

Thank you Brady for bringing all of us together to celebrate music, Buncee Buddies and friends.  

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