Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It's Time To Invite Our Administrators & Leaders To Join The Future Ready Librarian Conversation Too!

There is such an amazing buzz happening in the school library world! 

Future Ready Librarians has grown into this wonderful group of teacher librarians and advocates.  

It is amazing to see the relationships and conversations that are taking place in the Future Ready Librarians Facebook Group, in the #FutureReadyLibs hashtag on Twitter and at conferences around the country.  

There is one group that we now must invite to the conversation too and that includes all of the amazing administrators and leaders we work with everyday.  They must be a part of this so we can truly make a change within schools and districts for libraries, librarians and especially the children we serve.  

This week invite your administrator.  Reach out and share the Future Ready Librarians page and all of the terrific conversations and advocacy taking place.  

And help them become aware of the importance of Future Ready Librarians. 

Together we will make a difference.  

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