Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Flipgrid One...A Very Special Announcement For The Voice Of All Students!

Our friends at Flipgrid have made a very special announcement.

They have announced Flipgrid One which will give all teachers and students access to one of the most digital platforms there is for education.  
In the blog post Introducing Flipgrid One and Flipgrid Classroom, Jim Leslie, CEO and Cofounder of Flipgrid wrote...
Flipgrid One is a free, single-grid version of Flipgrid that allows any teacher to engage her or his class in the Flipgrid experience and empower student voice.  Flipgrid One teachers can have as many topics and students responses in their grid as they like.  

It has password protection, moderation, transcripts, free iOS and Android apps, and more!  

This makes me so happy because Flipgrid can now empower the voice of all students!
You can sign up for Flipgrid One here!

In a few days, I will be sharing Flipgrid Classroom and the awesome new features like students assessments, feedback and responses, and so much more!

Thank you Flipgrid friends.  You have made a huge impact this week on education and world. 

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