Saturday, January 7, 2017

Add A Digital Badge To Show You Are Future Ready Librarian!

As you get involved and celebrate being a Future Ready Librarian, add a digital badge to your blog, email, Twitter, Facebook and anywhere you would like.
This is a wonderful way to support Future Ready Libraries and to get others involved by linking the image to the website too.
As this post in the Follett Community says,

"Project Connect is Follett's initiative to help libraries become future ready.  Let everyone on social media know you are leading beyond the library." 

You can go to this post, click on any of the four digital badges to download and share.

If you would like badges with transparent background, I added them to this Google Folder.
These are really handy to use when you want to layer the badge over the top of something else....just like I did with my email signature.

Thank you for adding a badge to show you are a Future Ready Librarian too!  

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