Friday, January 27, 2017

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Buncee....At FETC & More!

This week I had the honor of being part of the FETC conference in Orlando, Florida.  I have participated in this amazing conference for several years and it is always one of my favorite events to connect, share and learn.

I presented in four different FETC presentations (that you can find here on the FETC website).  I also had the honor of presenting in the Buncee booth with my amazing friends and Buncee ambassadors.  
My presentation Why You Should Be Using Buncee was based around the poster we created connecting Buncee to all seven of the ISTE Standards for Students.  

I had the best time creating the presentation using Buncee....It is so much fun!  It is embedded at the top.  You can click on that box too.

You can find this post here, along with the ISTE Standards for Students Using Buncee poster here. Feel free to download, print and share this too. 

Today during my presentation about bringing digital tools to Makerspaces, we learned about and created using Buncee.  I LOVE what everyone created.  It was so much fun seeing how excited they were to be creating with this amazing digital tool.
Everyone had such unique ideas for using Buncee.  I created a Padlet for them to share their Buncee's too.  

You can see the Let's Share Our Buncee's Padlet here.

Thank you FETC and Buncee for bringing out the excitement for learning, creativity and innovation in all of us this week.  I know the things we learned will make a difference in classrooms around the world in 2017. 

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