Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Adding A Wishing Tree & Lots Of Wishes To Their Library!

My sister Heather Fox and her students are growing something very special in the Amana Elementary Library in Iowa.  It is there Wishing Tree and is full of...
wonderful books and wishes thanks to this beautiful idea from Danielle Davis on her blog...
This Picture Book Life!  

Heather found the idea on Danielle's blog in the blog post Picture Book Wish Tree Craft here
Her idea was inspired by the sweet little book The Wish Tree, which is a favorite of ours too.
You will find all of the materials, a list of books and even these...
great little books to print off for your very own Wishing Tree.  
I love how Heather took her idea and made it for their library...
 by adding personal touches with descriptions telling about the project.
 And look at it all put together!
Now the students are adding their wishes and their tree is growing into something even more special.
Thank you Heather for sharing your Wishing Tree and to Danielle and all of your awesome ideas!

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