Monday, January 30, 2017

8 Awesome DK Science Fair Books For All Ages

The new year is here, and we've jumped right back into all of the wonderful things that take place in classrooms and libraries throughout the year.

At the school where I was the teacher librarian, the new year meant that the annual science fair was right around the corner. The students would create impressive projects, showcasing the results of their hard work in the form of a display board, report, model, digital story or other delightful presentation.

As the teacher librarian in our district, I came into the picture long before we even started planning to tell the students about the science fair.  I would collect resources all year long for the students to use
as they picked their science fair topics, researched, carried out experiments, and put their projects together.  I shared them with the teachers as we collaborated on how we were going to roll it out and make it a little different than the year before.  And when it was time, we shared this rich collection of science fair resources with our students.
Each year, there were several books and resources that stood out in the collection. The amazing science fair books from our friends at DK Publishing were at the top of the list.  Our teachers and students counted on DK to always have something very special fit with the excitement around the science fair.

And today, I cannot wait to share a brand-new collection from DK with you!  I picked out seven of my favorites!
You can read all about them here on my post found on the DK Publishing website.

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