Monday, January 23, 2017

Build Literacy Skills With 4 AWESOME New Books & Songs From Cantata Learning!

With the new Spring 2017 Cantata Learning books here, I am very excited to share so many of them!
One series that I am especially excited about is the Read, Sing, Learn Set , written by Blake Hoena, illustrated by Luke Flowers, and music arranged and produced by Mark Oblinger.

As the Cantata Learning site states,

Through songs filled with alliteration, rhyme and repetition, students are introduced to literacy concepts.  The books in this series help build reading fluency and support language arts standards. 
Let's take a peak inside one from this series, Rob The Mole and the Sneaky Gnome! 
In this book, Pre-readers build important literacy skills in this illustrated book that pairs music with learning.  The delightful Wizard Magic E changes words, like cod to code, with a wave of his wand, teaching kids about the long O sound as they laugh and sing along as stated on that page.
Not only is the story and lesson meaningful and perfect for our young readers, the illustrations are amazing and make it all come together in such a fun way.
Like at Cantata Learning titles, the music is included on a CD in the back of the book and...
online to stream or download.  All of the music for Cantata Learning is free.
There are also these helpful QR codes available on the back of the book and inside to make it very simple to get to the music.

Just scan the QR code with a free QR code reader and it takes you there.
Towards the back of each book, the sheet music is available and it is also available to download from the Cantata Learning website.
The lyrics for each are included too.
I love the different Guided Read Activities that connect to each book.  This will make it very easy to pull into your lessons in the library and classroom, and are even great for parents and caregivers as they use the Cantata Learning books.
In fact, what new thing with each title is a page in the front with Tips To Support Literacy At Home. This provides the information and resources anyone needs when using Cantata Learning at home.  
You will also find a in depth lesson plan for this series on the Cantata Learning website under Lessons and Project Ideas.  

You will find the Read, Sing, Learn Lesson Plan here.
You will be ready to use this set the day you get them by using this lesson plan with the books.  Not only does it include a terrific lesson plan....
it also includes Art, Technology and PE Extensions too, making this series relevant and important to all teachers within the school.
At the bottom of the lesson plan, there are links that will take you to each book on YouTube as well.
You will find them in the Cantata Learning Spring 2017 Playlist on their YouTube Channel.

I love to use them for small group and individual instruction, and they are great to use with your class in whole group instruction.
My niece has the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel bookmarked on her iPad, so she can listen to all of the Cantata Learning titles on-the-go too!
You will find this series on the Capstone site here.  They are available in print and eBook....just like all of the Cantata Learning titles. 

I can't wait to see how you use Read, Sing, Learn set with you kids too!  

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