Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gum and Candy Wrappers In Your Makerspace? Sounds Like A Fun Idea To Me!

My friend Sandi shared this post on creating gum wrapper chains today on her Facebook.  

I loved making these and it is always fun to find things people have created with gum and candy wrappers.

It made me think....Wouldn't it be fun to add gum and candy wrappers to your Makerspace with a bunch of ideas for your students to make their own creations too?  

It ties in recycling, repurposing, creativity and fun all into one!  Just make sure the candy is peanut free please. 

Here is a Pinterest wall that I just started to collect ideas for Making With Gum and Candy Wrappers.
This is one of my favorites with easy to follow directions and even a video.

Do you have any ideas?  How have your students created with gum and candy wrappers? 

We'd love to hear them!  

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