Friday, January 20, 2017

Bring Music, Projects and Movement To Your Library & Classroom With These New Resources!

A very special box arrived at our house this week.

When I open it up, I was so excited to find the brand new Spring 2017 Cantata Learning books and songs.  I can't wait until you see them all too.  When I get home from the ALA Midwinter Conference I will do another post to show you all of these.
For now, you will find the new Spring 2017 titles on the Cantata Learning website.

And guess what?

The Cantata Learning website has been updated with lots of new things too!
Let's start with the music for each Cantata Learning title.

It is all free online to stream and download.  You can even find the instrumental version of the song and sheet music free online too.
Also, take notice of the Search Menu on the left hand side.  This has been enhanced to serve all of the needs of the teacher librarians and teachers when bringing these wonderful materials into every part of the curriculum.

It is terrific to be able to search even the Music Genre categories that these books fall in, which will be helpful in finding the perfect match.  Music teachers will find this search feature especially helpful.
Another one of my favorite updates to the Cantata Learning site are all of the additions to Lesson and Project Ideas

We have added seven different lesson plans for the new Spring 2017 series.  If you click on the images,
it will take you to that lesson plan.

For example, I clicked on the Fairy Tale Tunes Lesson Plan and it brought me to the page with this lesson for the new series of four Fairy Tale Tunes including Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast.  I can't wait to use these with children!
You will also find the new search capabilities on the Lesson Plan page.

Teachers are now able to search these amazing lesson plans by Subject, Reading Level and Interest Level making it such a helpful place to find exactly what you need to enhance the curriculum with music and movement.
Lastly, I want to share a special place to submit your very own lesson ideas for using Cantata Learning.
If you have a lesson using Cantata, please send it our way by clicking here and using this form.
As the new Cantata Learning titles pop up on our shelves and into the hands of our little ones, use the website and all of these terrific updates to bring music, singing, movement and fun to your library and classroom too!  

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