Sunday, April 20, 2014

We Are Getting Ready To Celebrate "Poem In Your Pocket" This Week!

This coming week is one of my favorites of the year.  

It is the week we celebrate "Poem In Your Pocket."  Even though it is officially April 24th, I love making it a week long celebration with our school and friends around the world.  
To get ready for "Poem In Your Pocket Day" I create some really fun posters to hang around the school.  It is great fun when everyone participates by putting a poem in their pocket.    

I made the first one in this post using and the second one with Pages on my MacBook. I took the picture of a students pocket at school with the little poem and message in it a couple years ago. It is nice to be able to use them year after year.......but mixing them up a bit with new digital tools.   
On the website from The Academy of American Poets, they have a wonderful collection of resources, ideas and of course lots of "Poems" for your pocket.
They even have poems you can run off for kids and a whole bunch of other ones too.

Diana, my associate, and I find all kinds of poems in our poetry books, run them off, cut them apart, and put them in a big basket for the kids to pick from too if they need one.

And a lot of our young people will choose to write their very own poem too.  I love it when they do is so sweet to see their little handwritten poem on a piece of paper.
We all have the best time sharing our little poems....and everyone in our school community participates.
With so many wonderful poems, I wanted to have a way for everyone to capture their "Poems In Your Pockets" forever.  

I created the "Poem In Your Pocket" FlipGrid and will share it on our Symbaloo.  You can all follow our FlipGrid too as it grows throughout the week.   
Have a fun time celebrating "Poem In Your Pocket" and Poetry Month.

We hope you share the stories and poetry from your schools, libraries, classrooms, and communities too.

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