Saturday, April 19, 2014

They Did It.....The Very First NEW Olympic Symbol Printed By The 5th Graders With The MakerBot!

This picture says it all......They are excited, curious, and super anxious to see what is going to happen next.  

These are the fifth graders at Van Meter and they have been waiting for this day.  
They have been working on "Project 3D Olympics" for the last several weeks....researching, collaborating, creating, and their favorite part......designing and creating brand new 3D Olympic symbols with their groups.   

I love how they researched different symbols, sketched them out, and have now built them using Tinkercad, an online program that creates 3D designs.
With their Olympic symbol designs complete in Tinkercad, we started printing last week.  

The design above was the very first one and it was so exciting for them to see one of their designs ready to come to life with the MakerBot.  
Everyone gathered around in our Makerspace to watch it happen.
It took about a hour to print....we made it a tiny bit too big for our very first try with the symbols. After they left the library to go back to the classroom, they kept coming down quickly to check if it was complete.  
This coming week all of the groups will be printing at different times during the day.  They will be in charge of pulling it up on Tinkercad, downloading it onto the laptop, loading it onto the SD card, uploading it to print on the Makerbot, and cleaning up their design.  
We will be showcasing them at our "3D Olympic Symbol Gallery" along with their presentations that they created.  It will be a very special event for all of them.  

We will also be sharing this in an online gallery to share with all of you.  

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