Thursday, April 3, 2014

The First Grader Authors Gathered Their Heart Photographs Outside

 Our first graders are creating books to reflect what they are seeing and feeling around them.

After our Skype with Eric Telchin, where he shared his beautiful book To See A Heart, Share A Heart, the little ones are really loving the act of taking photos to tell a story for their HaikuDecks and eBooks.  

Today we took the iPads outside and took lots of photographs wherever we found hearts.  I just love watching them pick the perfect heart and line it up just right.  
 They found hearts in the brick of the school building.
 They found hearts in the reflection of the iPad screen.
They even found hearts within the rock pile.
When we went back inside the first graders shared their photographs on the iPads.  We were all so impressed and just can't wait to see what our Haiku Decks and FlipSnacks look like.

Get ready to have some fun next time you come to the library everyone!

To read all about our connection with Eric and our fun activities we have done so far, please visit To See A Heart, Share A Heart With iPads, Words, Photography, Haiku Deck, and The World

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