Monday, April 7, 2014

Check Out tackk....."Ridiculously Simple Creation + Sharing"

I love digital tools that let you create something unique and beautiful.  It must also be a digital tool that lets you share what you have created.   

So when I saw this slogan last week for tackk it caught my attention right away.  I couldn't wait to check our tackk and see if it truly was "Ridiculously Simple" and the kind of digital tool that I would love to use in our library and school.  
It didn't take me long once I went to the tackk website to see that it was going to be that....and a whole lot more.  
I quickly signed up for tackk....It was very simple.   

You can connect to your social networks which makes it easy to share and also connect to others.  I had my husband Robbie create one so I could test out the sharing features of tackk.  And now he can see what I am creating too. 
On your own tackk wall, you will see who you follow and who follows you, the tackks you have created, and other important information.  
On the tackkboard you will be able to see which tackks have been created and featured.  

I was happy to see that our little Spring Break tackk was posted on the tackkboard.   I got an email alert when I was at the movies today so knew I had to check it out when I got home.  
It is really fun, quick, and easy to create a tackk.  You just click "Create" in the upper right hand corner from any page.  
You can then upload photos from various places including Instagram, your desktop, and from a url.  It also gives users the capability to search images.   
Once you have your  photos uploaded it is time to make your tackk special and unique.  

You can change the fonts.  There are a lot of nice choices....some really fun ones.  
You can choose for the background to be a color palette that they have selected or.... 
 from a square on the color palette.  
You can change the backgrounds to a lot of different textures and designs.  I love how they change when you change the color too.  
Under "Options" you can customize the title, create a unique url, round the corners, allow comments, and even upload a photo for the background.   
You can also add text to your tackk depending on which tackk you decided to create.  
Once you have everything that way you like it, you click on the green button in the right hand corner that says "Finish & Share."  This gives you so many awesome options to share on social networks, websites, and email.  You can also email or print your tackk.  For this post, I grabbed the HTML and embedded it into the text box below.  It gave me three options even on the size that I wanted.  

Once again, so simple and fun to use.  
I've already added tackk to our Web 2.0 Symbaloo.  I am super excited to share this one with the students and teachers at Van Meter....It will be easy for them to get right to it after I show them how to use tackk.  

I can't wait to hear how you use it too.....Let's follow one another so we can learn and share all of the cool tackk's we create.  

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