Thursday, April 24, 2014

Creating A Collaborative Poem 1069 Miles Apart To Celebrate Poetry Month

Our kindergarteners in Christa McClintock's class had a really FUN connection with my friend Christy Brennan's first graders. 

We came together in Google Hangout to celebrate Poetry Month.  
To make even more exciting......They are 1069 miles away in Coopertown, Pennsylvania.  
The day before, Christy and I planned our connection and decided to create a collaborative poem together with the two classes.  
I pulled out the poetry book Messing Around On The Monkey Bars by Betsy Franco.  All of the children love reading poems back and forth from this poetry book.  There are also several poems in here that I knew would be perfect for our students to add their own words to during our connection.
We picked the poem Weird Stuff In The Lost And Found.  I read it to all of the little ones in Iowa and Pennsylvania to start off the Google Hangout.
All of our students then took turns telling us a line for the poem as Christy and I typed it into the Google Doc that I created right before we connected.
After I created the Google Doc, I shared it on Twitter right away so our students could see others from around the world getting on to watch the collaborating and writing take place.
Our kindergarteners and Christy's 1st graders had the best time.  It was a fun topic and also fun being at the zoo to tie some of these together too. 

By scrolling through the box above, you can read the poem Weird Stuff or go to this link too. 

Have an amazing rest of your Poetry Month everyone....And try something easy and fun like this with your little ones too.  

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