Monday, April 28, 2014

Creating Original Limericks With Local Iowa Poet Brent Aronsen, Buncee, HaikuDeck, and FlipGrid In The Library

Last Friday we had a special guest come to our library....a perfect one for poetry month.  

Author, Brent Aronsen, from Des Moines, came to Van Meter School to share his love for poetry as he read limmericks from his book All Mixed Up...A Collection of Limericks for Kids 
He shared with our kindergarteners first. We had so much fun reading all of the limericks from his book.
Next he shared with our fourth graders.
He told them what a limerick was and how to write their own.
They took out their iPads and took notes as he spoke.  Then they wrote their own by themselves or with a friend.  
Brent helped all of the fourth graders as they thought of words to have fun with in their limerick.
After they wrote a limerick, the fourth graders used Buncee online and the HaikuDeck app to share their limerick with all of us.

The fourth graders also added a few of their limericks to the Poetry Month FlipGrid.

I love how they shared their limericks using HaikuDeck as they recorded themselves showing their work.  

Created with Haiku Deck, the free presentation app
The last class Brent worked with were our second graders.  Since they didn't have iPads to take notes quick, I wrote down a quick guide for them on a piece of paper.  I included one of Brent's limericks on the top as an example.  
This worked really well as they wrote their limerick too.
They included their limericks on this new FlipGrid just for Brent's work with all of their classmates.  I just loved listening to them over the weekend....what a wonderful job they did.  

Thank you Brent for coming to Van Meter to share your work and to help our young people write their own limericks too.  We look forward to when you come and visit us again. 

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