Friday, April 25, 2014

Celebrating "Poem In Your Pocket" With Our First Graders And FlipGrid

Today was "Poem In Your Pocket Day"! 

 It is celebrated at Van Meter and in communities around the world.  
Our students and teachers all wore these little stickers so we would remember to....

Ask me about the poem in my pocket, all day long.  
When the first graders came to the library today, they were all ready to share the poems in their pockets.
They had the best time doing reading, sharing, and responding to the poems they had in their pockets. 
After they all shared with several friends around the library, I showed them one more way we would be sharing our poems.....a way that everyone would be able to read their poem and share it with their friends, teachers, parents, and the world.  
I went to FlipGrid and created a grid with the above question.
I put the link on the First Grade Symbaloo so they could all get to it easily.  They have used FlipGrid once before so they really excited to keep started on this grid.
You will love going to the "Poem In Your Pocket Day" Flipgrid to hear and learn from everyone else.  

One of my favorite things about Flipgrid is that it lets one "Like" or "Heart" the first graders call it.....others videos.   
This is a wonderful opportunity for us to have a conversation with our young people about using social media and interacting with each others content.  We spoke about "being nice online", just as we would to our friends in the library, as they watched and "hearted" each others work.

And the Vine below shows how much they enjoy sharing and viewing their poems. This is with any content our young people produce and share online....They do love that connection and recognition.

We hope you enjoy listening to our poems too.