Saturday, April 19, 2014

Giving Our Little Ones Another Helpful Tool In Research With Their Very Own MackinVIA "Virtual Backpack"

As our first graders research and gather information about all different types of safety, there is one tool that comes in very handy with all of the digital resources they are using and sharing.
In MackinVIA, they will find the eBooks, databases, and audiobooks to use for the safety research. They can log into their very own MackinVIA, which also gives them access to a special virtual "Backpack".  
Once they are logged in, MackinVIA welcomes each student in the right hand corner.  As you can see there are lots of different options within the "Backpack" such as "My Notebook", "My Requests", "My Checkouts", and "My Favorites", which is what the first graders will be using during their safety research.
When they are looking through the various eBooks, databases, and audiobooks, it is easy to add any of these resources to their "Backpack" simply by clicking on "Add to Favorites" to the right of each entry within MackinVIA.
Then when they click on their "Backpack" and "My Favorites", a list of the things they have marked are listed.  It is also very easy for them to "Remove From Favorites" too.
As our first graders kick off the Safety PBL next week with the "Safety Open House" on Tuesday, they will also be working on this at home and at school.

By adding this important information about their virtual "Backpacks" to the Safety. Safety. Safety. Smore it is also helping them in becoming better researchers and curators of information too.  And very helpful to their families to help them at home.
They love being independent and being curious about all kinds of things.  They love having the tools and access that they need to be successful researchers and learners.
I love being able to give them such a wonderful tool like MackinVIA and their very own virtual "Backpack".   

I can't wait to see where the Safety PBL takes us next week!  

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