Saturday, April 5, 2014

Love The News That Peter Reynolds Is The Picture Book Author Study For #GRA14

One of our favorite times of the year is when we all participate in Global Read Aloud.  

Global Read Aloud was created by my wonderful friend Pernille Ripp in 2010 with this simple goal in mind....

One book to connect the world.  
Four years later over 200,000 connections have been made all over the world and today Pernille announced who we would be reading and connecting with in the fall.  

I am most excited about who the Picture Book Author Study will be for #GRA14!  
After spending the week in our library celebrating Going Places, the new picture book from my dear friends Paul Reynolds and Peter Reynolds, this is going to be exciting news for all of the little ones in my school and others around the world.  
I was so happy when Pernille sent me a message today letting me know that Peter was going to be the Picture Book Author Study for #GRA14.

His books have such a beautiful message and will touch the lives of everyone who participates in #GRA14.  I can't wait to tell my students on Monday who we will be celebrating in the fall.....They will be very excited to know it is our friend Peter!

To sign up for Global Read Aloud, please visit this link.  We always love connecting with new people for GRA....can't wait to connect with you too.

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