Sunday, April 13, 2014

Creating, Sharing, and Saving Poetry Using Fun Websites and SoundCloud During Poetry Month....and All Throughout The Year!

With this month being National Poetry Month, we are doing all kind of wonderful activities in the library.  
We are using so many awesome websites to create different types of poetry.  They can be found on the Poetry. Poetry. Poetry. Symbaloo that I created.  

Whenever I find a new one that I think the kids would use to create poetry themselves.....or listen and read poetry.....I add it to this Symbaloo.  You can read more it at this post

Last week we talked about all of the different places they can go to create poetry.  They can create magnet poems, shape poems, Haiku's, name poems, and many more.  They love it when I show them all they can do from these websites....It is a lot of fun for them to be creative and have fun with words. 
That is awesome but then what.....They create a poem on one of the online websites and then their poem is gone forever.  So a few years ago, I thought about using SoundCloud, an online tool and app that records, stores, and gives you the chance to share with others.  

By using the digital tool SoundCloud they will be able to capture their creativity and voice during Poetry Month.
So with all of these poems they are creating.....

we have now saved them forever with SoundCloud.  
It is really easy for any age to use.....They just take my iPhone or iPad, find the SoundCloud app, and record their poem by reading it from the computer they are creating with.

If they make a mistake and want to record it again, it is easy to delete and start over.
Once they have recorded their poem, I teach them how to give it a title and tag it.  
Within SoundCloud online, I can then add their poems to the "Poetry Month 2014" playlist that I started.  
It is easy to share the playlists or embed them like I have done above.  

They loved this day and can't wait to continue to create poetry all through the month and throughout the year.

Hope your students create and share their wonderful poetry too.

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