Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Exciting News From Our Friends At Kodable......Check Out KodableSync!

Today, there is a very exiting announcement from our friends at Kodable!

They have created something that we will all love.....KodableSync.
 Over the weekend, I spoke with my friend Grechen, who created Kodable.  She shared,

"With Kodable Sync you’ll be able to create student profiles that sync student progress on any iPad and then see how far they’ve gotten in the game. Teachers will be able to see how many times students attempted a level, how well they did, what concepts they’re mastering, etc.  
It will be a very powerful tool for saving time managing multiple iPads, differentiating instruction based on where each student is in the game, and communicating the value of programming to admins or skeptics. 
We’re adding common core standards tracking soon as well. Teachers will be able to see what CCSS and CS standards students are learning with Kodable."
Our students at Van Meter LOVE playing Kodable.  It has taught them so much as they begin to learn about programming.  This will be a wonderful and valuable addition to that piece of our curriculum.

You can register for KodableSync at this link.

Here is a tutorial that will help you as you set up your students and classes in KodableSync.

Have fun....And check out the Kodable app today too.

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