Saturday, April 26, 2014

Kicking Off The First Grade Safety PBL Project With Lots Of Special Visitors At Our "Safety Days"

Last Thursday we had such a fun day kicking off the Safety PBL Project with all of our first graders!  

As I shared a week ago, the first graders are going to be choosing any topic of safety that they would like to learn more about, to research, and create a project to share with our kindergarteners and others.  
We have done a lot of brainstorming and have investigated all kinds of safety topics.  

The Safety. Safety. Safety. Smore has been awesome to get them into these topics too.  As they narrow their focus and begin to think about their driving questions, we invited several people to talk to us about safety.  

At our "Safety Day" on Thursday we had....
Mr. Daggett, the Van Meter police chief....
 Mrs. Coffie, who is with our little ones at recess.....
 our new friend Kris, who spoke about bike safety.....
 Mr. Reha, our fire chief at Van Meter....
and Diana talked about bus safety in the library.
 They each had their "Safety Project" packets with them as they rotated through each room.
They had written a question for each of the five special visitors.  The students asked their questions and took notes about what they learned.  

I loved watching them write down things they were still curious about too....this would help drive even more learning and research as they create their project.
On Friday we invited another special quest into our library to talk to all of us about weather safety.

Our new friend Frank Scaglione, who is a meteorologist with KCCI in Des Moines, Skyped with us.
He shared an awesome presentation.....We all learned so much about the different types of weather and how to safe in all kinds of situations.
The first graders then had a chance to ask Frank questions.  They were great questions too!  
Next week we will all gather in the library for a big morning of researching our "driving questions".  I can't wait to hear all of the excitement as they dive even deeper into their safety topics.  

We will then begin to create our projects and prepare to teach others about safety too.  

The first graders can't wait to share with all of you too!  

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