Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cool Papercutz Graphic Novels Connection In Our Library, On Skype, and With Mackin

What a fun Skype we had with the third graders on Wednesday!   This was one that I surprised them with. 
A couple weeks ago I was looking around for more connections to Papercutz graphic novels.  Our kids just love these books and I was looking for more resources and information online that they would enjoy.  

I was so excited when I saw their website and even more when I connected with them online. 
Beth, who works at Papercutz, and I began to make plans for a Skype connection right away.  She was just as excited as I was for this special event.  
Beth told the third graders all about Papercutz and the different jobs that their graphic novelists have. We really thought it would be great fun to have the job of "Colorer" where you color in the drawings someone else has created.

She also explained the process that a graphic novel goes through....There are a lot more steps than we thought.
Beth showed them all of the series that Papercutz created.  It was fun listening to the excitement in the library as she showed favorites such as....
 Geronimo Stilton,
 The Smurfs,
and one of their favorite graphic novel series, LEGO Ninjago.
The third graders and I are going to take a look at all of the Papercutz books in Mackin Educational Resources next week when they come.  We are going to pick out several new ones to order for our graphic novel section in the library.

It will be fun for them to build the list that we will order and add to our collection.
We really enjoyed your visit Beth.  You were awesome and we all learned so much.  

Come back to visit us soon.  

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