Friday, April 4, 2014

"Going Places" Brings Inspiration and Creativity To Our Library & Young People

This week I received a very special gift from two dear friends.  

Peter and Paul Reynolds sent me a copy of their new and first book together, Going Places
It is such a sweet story of being creative and thinking outside of the box.  A story of how being different and passions will definitely take you places.  

The first class I read it to in the library was Tracy Ferguson's second grade class.  And they absolutely loved every thing about his new book.  
We brainstormed for a few minutes about what we could create after being inspired by Going Places.

They decided to make a special gift for Peter and Paul.....A book to tell them how they were "Going Places" and how they were going to make a difference.  
The second graders got right to work by getting card stock, pencils, and markers.  
 They all worked very hard at creating something wonderful.
When all of the pages were finished, along with a few pages in the front, I scanned them in the office and saved them on the desktop.

I have been using FlipSnack for all of our flippable eBooks, but today the book was too large to upload into the free version.  I had to find another digital tool to use.
I came across YouBlisher.

After reading about it and looking at several examples of their website, I thought it would be fun trying this one out.  Not only would it work for this project....It will be awesome to share with other teacher and students too. 
With YouBlisher, I saved all of the pages as PDF files and uploaded this all at once.  It only took a few minutes.  

Then I added a title and subtitle to my project.  

Once you are finished, YouBlisher is very easy to share and embed.  
To read our story you can take this link to the website.   
Here are a few of the pages from our YouBlisher.  
You have truly had a hand in being kind to others, doing things to make a difference, and being your strong, awesome self.

Thank you friends for inspiring our children and teachers at Van Meter School.

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