Thursday, April 26, 2018

What Do You Want Publishers and Library Companies To Create For Our Students, Libraries and Teachers? Please Share Here, Friends.

I would love for you to take a few minutes and think about a question I posted on Padlet this week. 

The sky is the limit, what do you want publishers and library companies to create for our students, libraries and teachers?  

What is it that you students would love?  Teachers?  Administrators?  Parents?  Think about all of these different people and roles in your community.  

Then go to this link of the Padlet and add your ideas, thoughts and advice.  All you have to do on Padlet to add a note, is click on the round hot pink circle with the plus found in the right hand corner.  
A note will pop up where you can add a title, note and even upload an image, file or something from online.  You can share your thoughts and ideas however you'd like. 

By thinking about this and adding thoughtful, creative and in-depth notes and ideas, we will help guide and influence what is created for our libraries, schools, teachers and students.  We will have an impact on the future of libraries and education.  

Thank you friends. 

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