Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Learn About Earth Day With A Song & Story!

Earth Day is a celebration of our beautiful planet.  As we celebrate Earth Day this month, let's celebrate with this very special song and story from Cantata Learning. 

As the site shares, On this holiday, people come together to clean up land and water, plant trees and enjoy nature.  Sing along as you explore Earth Day too. 

I just love this beautiful story by Emma Carlson Berne, illustrations by Mike Bundad and music arranged and produced by Erik Koskinen. 
You will find Earth Day on YouTube that you can play for your students in the library and classroom today.  
There is several things available for Earth Day on the Cantata Learning site here.  You will find a place to stream and download the music....even the instrumental version of the song.  

You can also download and print off the sheet music. This is also available in the back of the book but it is so helpful to be able to print off a clean copy. 
One of my favorite thing we can find on the Cantata Learning site are the lesson plans.  There is a very special one for Holidays In Rhythm and Rhyme, which is the series Earth Day is part of. You will find the lesson plan here.  This can be downloaded in full color or black and white. 
All of the Cantata Learning lesson plans are amazing with procedures, activities, vocabulary, materials, objectives and more to successfully complete the lesson in the library or classroom.
In this lesson, a worksheet that Cantata Learning created is included.  This can be used with the lesson too. 
I especially love the extension activities.  The extension activities for Earth Day include nature, technology, music and movement!  You sure can't go wrong with that! 

I included Earth Day, along with the lesson plans, in the new Collection I just put together for Earth Day and celebrating earth throughout the year.  

Have fun celebrating Earth Day, friends! 

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