Wednesday, April 11, 2018

3 NEW PebbleGo Spanish Modules....Coming This Fall!

Last week at the TLA Conference in Texas, our friends at Capstone made a very special announcement!  

There are 3 NEW Spanish modules that will be joining PebbleGo this fall!  

These will include PebbleGo BiografĂ­as (Biographies), PebbleGo Ciencia (Science), and PebbleGo Estudios Sociales (Social Studies). All modules will include a content map that matches the English language version, Spanish text, and read-aloud Spanish audio recorded by professional voice-over artists.

PebbleGo was the go-to place for our young researchers in the library, classrooms and home.  These three new Spanish PebbleGo modules will bring so much to all of our learners and communities. 
Thank you, Capstone!  
You will find the press release here

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