Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 2 of School Library Month...Making Educator Connections At Your School Library!

As we celebrate week two of School Library Month, let's focus on the very special topic of Making Educator Connections at Your School Library!  

This year the theme for School Library Month is Making Connections at Your School Library, which brings together four special weeks of School Library Month subthemes including:
  • Making Learner Connections 
  • Making Educator Connections 
  • Making Community Connections 
  • Making Global Connections
As we kick off Week 2 of School Library Month, let's take a closer look at Making Educator Connections at Your School Library....
with lots of ideas, resources and the Making Educator Connections Collection by Destiny this week!  

Librarians are encouraged to host events and activities that will help their school and local community celebrate the essential role that strong school library programs play in transforming learning.  
You will find lots of ideas for elementary, middle and high school activities here from the School Library Month Committee. 
Also, think about how the Builds Instructional Partnership wedge of the Future Ready Librarian framework fits into this week of School Library Month.  
This is one of the most important pieces of the framework, especially as it supports curriculum, instruction and assessment within the library, classrooms and throughout the school community.  The relationships and collaboration we have as school librarians with teachers works to bring other pieces of the framework together such as Empowering Students as Creators, Curates Digital Resources and Tools and Facilitating Professional Learning, to name a few. Together we are stronger, better and make a bigger impact on the children we work with everyday.  
Also, to help us in this journey through Week 2, you won't want to miss the AASL webinar this week with Kathleen Riopelle Roberts, Making and Amplifying Educator Connections Through The AASL Standards on April 10.  You can register for this free webinar here.
And later in the week, Eileen Makoff, Rebecca Behrens, 
Jo Hacki and Sara Holbrook will be hosting the webinar Author Ideas on Integrating Fiction into the Middle-School Curriculum on April 12. You can register for this webinar here.  I can't wait for both of these awesome webinars.  
I have included the Future Ready Librarian framework and the webinars with lots of ideas, resources, fun, tips and more in the Making Educator Connections Collection.  
One of my favorite ways to get the teachers to the library was to host Book Tastings and other literacy events where I could show and talk about the new books in the library.  They loved these days.  When I included treats and prizes that made it an even bigger hit.  

I have included lots of Pinterest links to ideas in the Collection. 

Please let me know what else we should add or if you'd like to become a collaborator. I'd love to have you help and add your ideas too. 
These Collections will also be found in the 2018 School Library Month Collection.  Remember...each week in April, I will add a new Collection. 

I hope you having a wonderful School Library Month, friends.  Thank you for checking our Making Educator Connections Collection too.  

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