Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sweet Revenge....A New Cookbook Of 50 Killer Recipes For Your Exes & Enemies!

Last week, I visited the Capstone office in Minnesota.  I always love going to the office and seeing lots and lots of wonderful new books from Capstone.  

While I was here, I finally got my hands on one that I have wanted to add to my....

shelf of cookbooks since it came out earlier this year. 
It is called Sweet Revenge by....

Heather Kim, who is a pastry chef, painter, tattoo artist and now the author of one amazing book!  
On the Capstone site, they share...

50+ killer cakes, cookies, and candies for your exes and enemies.  Dumped by your beefcake boyfriend? BFF steal your one-and-only? Lab partner a more-than-periodic no-show? Don't take these battles online (Seriously don't do that, okay?) Get out your heaviest rolling pins, sharpest cleavers, and most blistering torches, and kill your enemies and exes...with kindness.  
If that doesn't have you dying to read this book and cook up some of the awesome recipes, check out the Publisher Weekly starred review Sweet Revenge earned.  

Pastry chef and tattoo artist Kim serves up a fierce dessert book for readers seeking vengeance against exes or others who have wronged them. Pun-heavy recipe names include “I Couldn’t Carrot All Cake,” “You’ve Got a Latte Balls,” and “I Don’t Give a Fig About You,” and the adventurousness of the recipes (Cheeto ice cream sandwiches, anyone?) cleverly underscores the cookbook’s “out with the old” mentality. Photographs of the sticky, indulgent desserts are paired with heavy-metal-esque fonts and Kim’s irreverent commentary. There’s wisdom in Kim’s kitchen magic: “Sweet Revenge is about taking all your bittersweet memories, mixing in a little flour and sugar, and creating something delicious AF out of them,” she writes. Readers in postbreakup mode or stewing over a double-crossing bestie should find much-needed laughs in Kim’s no-holds-barred tone and will likely repurpose these recipes for sweeter occasions. Ages 14–up. 

Let me show you inside Sweet Revenge!  
From the moment you open it up and see the contents, you will be smiling and wanting to know more about Forgetting You Was A Piece Of Cake, Buh-Bye Sweet Stuff and more. 

Throughout the book, Heather includes so much fun from level of burn to be delivered or the degree of recipe difficulty to several inserts like Revenge, Servings, Bake Time and my favorite, 

All of the recipes made me smile as I read...

and looked at all of the fun pictures that accompany each yummy recipe.  

You will find Sweet Revenge on the Capstone site here
And follow Heather on Facebook,
and Twitter at @missbuneluv to learn more about one of my favorite new cookbook authors!  I know you will LOVE this one too. 

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