Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Create Your Own Google Logo To Celebrate Earth Day and Week!

Today, I had fun teaching a few little friends about something super awesome from Scratch!  
For Earth Day and Earth Week, your students can create their own Google logo that celebrates what they care about in the world.  

As the Scratch Project Page states, students can make a Google logo that celebrates what you care about.  Show your appreciation for your favorite animal, share ways to protect the environment or encourage others to be mindful of their energy use.
They can start the project by going to the Earth Day Google Logo Starter Project here
Once inside the Scratch project, they will be able to change....
 the backgrounds including adding their own,
 all of the letters,
 add movement,
 and lots of different sounds.
 We loved looking at lots of examples that others have created.
This will be a great way to kick off your Earth Day and project with Scratch too!  

Have fun, friends and happy Earth Day (and week)!  

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