Sunday, April 8, 2018

Plant A Poet Tree & Watch It Grow For Poetry Month In Your Community Too!

One of the coolest things I picked up from the Texas Library Association Conference was this beautiful Shel Silverstein "Poet Tree" from the Harper Collins Children's Books booth.

Shel's poems have always been my favorites!

I loved sharing them with my children and with the students in our library.  In fact, when I first started to substitute teach, I brought along two of Shel's books so I could read them for something special throughout the day.
 With the Poet Tree project,
 not only can children read The Poet Tree and all of the fun poems of Shel's and....
hang them on a tree, 
they can also write a poem in a Poet Tree leaf and share it on the branches in your library and school too.  
You will find this Poet Leaf template on Shel's site here, along with lots of other resources and activities for Poetry Month here.
Our friend, Jillian Fine Heise, even reached out to her Harper Collins rep and shared this awesome contact too!  
You will also find a lot of other special resources to use with The Poet Tree project online. 

I love this video and....

following the hashtag #PoetTree on Twitter and Instagram will inspire you and your students with ideas like this... 
So, this year for Poetry Month, plan a Poet Tree and watch it grow with beautiful poems from your community too!  

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