Friday, April 27, 2018

Mystery Skype Selfie Challenge!

I always looked for especially different and fun activities the last few weeks of school.  This week, I came across one that I can't wait to share with you. 

I know this one will keep your students engaged and excited about learning in the library and classroom the whole month of May!

It is called the Mystery Skype Selfie Challenge and takes place May 1-31, 2018.
On the Mystery Skype page you will find the rules on how to join the #MysterySkype Selfie Challenge.
You will also find a lot of resources that will help you understand and conduct Mystery Skype's, along with a cute little emoji...
and template that will make it easy to find a guest speaker or V.I.P. to Skype too.  
At the end of the month, five classrooms will be selected to meet a mystery V.I.P.  They will be notified at the end of May when the challenge is complete. 

Have fun finding connections around the world for your Mystery Skype's.  Remember to tag them with #MysterySkype....check out what others are posting on Facebook and Twitter too. 

Good luck, friends.  I can't wait to see your #MysterySkype selfies! 

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