Thursday, December 28, 2017

Wonderful Spanish Materials For Our Students, Libraries & School Communities

Have you seen all of the wonderful Spanish Materials Follett has for supporting the ESL, ELL, bilingual and dual language needs of students, libraries and classrooms?  
They offer the largest K-6 selection of high-quality Spanish materials to help us build the content knowledge and interest needs of our students.  

I'd love to give you a peak inside of the Spanish Materials Catalog so you can see all of these hand-selected K-6 titles to meet your needs.  

You will find....
 Popular Fiction, 
 Leveled Readers, 
 Picture Books, 
 Graphic Novels, 
 High-Interest Nonfiction, 
 Authentic Spanish.
Science, STEM, Social Studies, Math, 
 Spanish Bilingual and more. 
Follett also offers special bundles that supplement your core curriculum in engaging and unique ways. 

These include Lightbox, which is an interactive eBook platform with videos, primary source documents, Google Maps, audio, slideshows and quizzes (You can read more about Lightbox in this post I wrote on my blog);
Follett Science and Literacy Connections Program, which is a research-based program to build literacy skills and content knowledge;
and Learning Alive, which is an augmented reality program designed to build competence in sentence building, sight words and sound recognition. 

You have seen that Follett works with wonderful publishers to bring the best materials to our libraries and students. 

You will find several featured in the back of the catalog including....
DK and more. 

You can find the Follett Spanish Materials catalog here.

As you can see, Follett has just what we need for supporting all students, libraries and school communities.  

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