Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sharing In Buncee With Students and Teachers Just Became Easier!

One of my favorite parts about Buncee is being able to share them and to see what others have created, especially our students.  

Well, guess what?  

Today, our friends at Buncee made this even easier than before.  They have added a new feature that lets teachers share Buncee's with students and lets students share Buncee's with their teachers.  

How cool is that?  

In fact, let me show you how....
First, I will show you how teachers share with students. 
I am logged into my Buncee and want to share this fun BookSnap Buncee I created about fall and apples using PebbleGo. 
You will see the Share button in the right hand corner.  Click on that. 
With this new addition to Buncee, you will now see the Share With Students button.  Click on that. 
This will open up all of your classes and the students in each. 

You can Select All or select individual students.  You can also Deselect All here too.

I wanted to see how this looked to a student so I took a look at my niece Grayce's Buncee account. 
Something else that is new today is the Shared With Me tab at the top under the Buncee page.  Students and teachers now have this new tab.
When I clicked on Shared With Me in Grayce's account, I saw the I Love Apples and Falls Buncee I shared. 
Now say that you are asking students to make a copy of the Buncee you shared, so they can use it in a project or assignment.  All they have to do is click on Copy on the right hand side of the Buncee, as I have shown above.
Now when Grayce clicks on the My Buncees tab, she will have a Copy of that Buncee. 

Next, let's see how students can share a Buncee with their teacher.
I went to Grayce's Buncee about showing her pigs at the Benton County Fair. 

Again, I clicked on the Share button in the upper right hand corner.  She now has an option to Share With Teachers.  This will give students a list of their teachers. 

They just Select which teacher they want to share it with and it is automatically shared. 
When I logged back into my Buncee, I found Grayce's pig Buncee under my Shared With Me tab.  

Teachers can make a copy, share and even download a student Buncee using this feature.  
For more information, check out this article in the Buncee Help Center.  It will give you even more specifics about how teachers and students can share Buncees with one another.  
And don't miss this awesome blog post from Sean Farnum !  He is always giving us lots of wonderful ideas for using Buncee.  

Thank you Buncee friends for making this our favorite digital tool and app to use with our students.  I can't wait to share and use this too.  

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