Thursday, December 28, 2017

Future Ready Librarians....Please Take The Speak Up Survey & Share Your Voice

Future Ready Librarians, I have something I want to share with you.   

The Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning from Project Tomorrow wants to hear from us as part of Speak Up 2017. They have a special survey, created with input from Future Ready, just for librarians.
The following is from Project Tomorrow, 

Your participation ensures that we will be able to produce materials that will help you “make your case” for technology change and resources at the local level. Speak Up shares data on trends in the technology views of librarians (in addition to students, parents and teachers) nationwide, and we want to be sure your views are included!

Speak Up is looking your feedback and experience on questions like these:

  • What challenges do you face when helping teachers integrate digital content into their lessons?
  • What digital citizenship skills are important for students to learn?
  • As librarians are increasingly on the front lines of supporting teachers in their use of digital content, how are your roles or responsibilities changing?

As part of Speak Up 2016, we learned:

  • Librarians and media specialists said the top benefit of using digital content within instruction at school is that it increases student engagement in school and learning (77%).

  • The top two challenges librarians and media specialists faced when helping teachers integrate digital content into their lessons (besides time) were lack of funding to purchase digital content (53%) and helping teachers move from sporadic to sustained usage (52%).

  • Twenty-two percent (22%) of librarians and media specialists said their school(s) provide a dedicated maker space for student and teacher usage as part of our library/media center.

Share your views! 
Go to, click the “Begin Survey” button, select Educators from the dropdown list, select Teacher, Librarian or Media Specialist, find your school and then Select the Librarian or Media Specialist survey. The survey will only take you 15-20 minutes to complete. 

I hope that everyone takes part in this important survey.  Remember that surveys close on January 19.

Thank you, friends.  

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