Friday, December 22, 2017

A Loud Winter's Nap...A Charming Story of Friendship, Change and Winter

One of my favorite new wintery books is A Loud Winter's Nap from our friends at Capstone.
This sweet new book is by the wonderfully talented author and illustrator Katy Hudson,
who also brought us Too Many Carrots.  
As you peak inside the front cover you will find, 

Tortoise is set in his ways.  He doesn't like change, and he doesn't want to change.  But in this witty follow up to Katy Judson's best-selling Too Many Carrots, Tortoise is forced to try something new.  Will winter fun and caring friends change Tortoise's view of winter? 

I love this story that features the fun activities winter brings as caring friends convince Tortoise to stay awake so he can be part of the wintery memories they are making.  
As you can see, not only does A Loud Winter's Nap follow tortoise on a journey of change with his friends, it is also a visual treat of exploration through Katy's beautiful illustrations.
You will love the book trailer too.  It is a great way to introduce A Loud Winter's Nap to your readers. 
On the Capstone website, you will also find the A Loud Winter's Nap Activity Guide, which is filled with fun including....
 coloring activities, puzzles, writing activities and more.
I love this one that asks what they would pack in their hibernation bag.  
This would be the perfect activity and book to pair with the nonfiction content found in PebbleGo as they learn about hibernation and...
 the winter season.

You will find A Loud Winter's Nap on the Capstone site here

I know you will love this charming story of friendship, change and winter too.  

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