Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Uploading Custom Images Into Collections!

We received great news from our friends at Follett today!

We can now upload custom images into our Collections by Destiny!  I have been waiting for this, so I couldn't be more excited.

In fact, I have already changed several of the images in my Collections today to really personal the look and make them even more helpful within research, projects and in sharing all kinds of resources with our students, teachers and other patrons throughout our communities and the world.

Let me show you how!
First, I picked the Collection filled with Gingerbread Resources, Tools and Fun that I created this week.  You can read all about this Collection and gingerbread projects, activities, songs, books and fun here

When I created this Collection, I picked one of the awesome stock images Follett has provided.  

Being able to customize that image will make this Collection even better. 
You will click on Edit in the left hand corner of your Collection. 
Once in Edit Collection, you will click on 3. Image/Color at the top.

Now, click on the tiny Image in the bottom right hand corner of the image space.
This will let you choose a photo for your Collection.  
You can choose Stock Photos or Upload your own.
I am going to upload an image that I found on Pixabay of gingerbread men.

Pixabay provides us with over one million free images to use.  It is the perfect place to find images for our Collections.
I clicked on Upload and uploaded the gingerbread men image.  I can also Drag and Drop my image.  

The little round button at the bottom of the image slides back and forth so you can adjust the size of the image.   
 Once the image is uploaded, you can select a color to go with your image and click Save.  
I love how the new image looks in my Gingerbread Collection!
And a super important Pro Tip from Jason See himself, higher resolution images work best. 

I know what I will be doing for the rest of the day....making my Collections even more perfect with this amazing new feature. 

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