Friday, December 1, 2017

On The 5 Weeks 'Til New Year's, Shannon Shared With Me....

It is December 1st, friends and the holidays are here.  To celebrate, I have created something very special for all of us!  

As you sing or hum The 12 Days of Christmas, read the photograph above.... 

On The 5 Weeks 'Til New Year's, Shannon shared with me...

Every Friday up to the New Year, I will be sharing learning and library ideas, books and songs, digital tools and apps, maker resources and lots of fun for Shannon's Favorite Finds each Friday.  
You will find the schedule on the Smore here too.
Today, on the first week 'til New Year's, I am sharing Coding and Robotics with all of you.  

With Hour of Code coming up on December 4-10, it is perfect to kick off these special 5 weeks with coding and robotics.  

You will find two new Coding and Robotics just for our studnents, a few of my favorite coding and robotics tools and resources, 

and several awesome Titlewave Lists that will point you to wonderful resources for your library and Makerspaces.  

I hope you bookmark the On The 5 Weeks 'Til New Year's, Shannon Shared With Me...Smore to find out what I will be sharing and what you are sharing too.  
Please share your ideas, resources and holiday fun on this Padlet.  We can't wait to see what you have to share!  

Take in every moment and share the joy, learning, creating and collaborating with your students, teachers, families and global community this holiday season.  

See you next Friday for the second week 'til New Year's, friends. 

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