Monday, December 4, 2017

10 Ways To Celebrate Holidays Around the World With Buncee!

As we head into the holiday season, there are so many wonderful things we can celebrate within our culture and other cultures around the world.  This is one of the most special parts of the holidays and something that we can bring to our students and school communities in meaningful, creative and engaging ways.  

We can also tie in geography, history, math, writing, reading, art, digital citizenship and so much more.

When looking for a tool and app to be part of this amazing adventure for learning, connecting, collaborating and creating, Buncee will be just what you are looking for and I will tell you how.  

Here are 10 Ways to Celebrate Holidays Around the World with Buncee....
1. With all of the different stickers, animations and backgrounds focused on Holidays, students will be able to create Buncee's for the various holidays around the world including Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, St. Lucia, Kwanzaa, Chinese New Year, New Year and even Mardi Gras.
I just love all of the new Santa characters for China, South Africa, England, Italy and more.  This is a fun way to teach them about the holidays around the world and to have them teach us and each other by creating in Buncee too.
2. If they create Buncee's about the different holidays around the world, it would be super helpful to create a Holidays Around theWorld Buncee Board so everyone can share.

And the cool thing with Buncee can even share this around the world using the link on Twitter, Facebook, email, and in other online ways.  Now in Buncee Boards, comments can even be made making it a great place for conversations between the different schools and students. 
3. As your students are learning about all of the holidays, have them research dishes and goodies from around the world and bring these together in the Holiday Recipes From Around the World Buncee.  

I love this one above that my friend Sean Farnum has been creating.  

You can even have the students bake their recipe and bring it to school for a special holidays around the world celebration.  They could record themselves baking and embed that into their Buncee as well. 
4. And what about sharing their Holiday Recipes From Around the World Buncee with other students around the world.  The Buncee Buddies program would be a terrific way to kick off this collaboration.

As the Buncee site states, 

Buncee Buddies is a digital pen pal project bringing together students and teachers from across the globe! The Buncee team’s goal through this program is to connect classrooms to share Buncee creations, learn about other cultures, and make new friends along the way. Throughout the program, the goal is to encourage cross-cultural exchanges, critical thinking based on a prompt, creativity, and the growth of new friendships.

How perfect is that!  

5.  When celebrating Holidays Around the World with my students in the library and their classroom, we brought in lots of different cultures using Skype in the Classroom.  
We can share our holidays online with others as we learn first hand with them by going to the Mystery Skype section of Skype in the Classroom here

6. As we Skyped with them, I would have the students journal about all of the different holidays and cultures using Buncee.  

Within Buncee, they can add stickers, backgrounds, animations and other assets like I showed above for all of the different cultures.  

7.  As they are creating and connecting through Buncee, 
the students can use the platform as a research and resource tool as they search the web using Pixabay within Buncee to find images and videos.  
8. Another element that can be added here is an interview with others about their holidays that can be captured in Buncee using the Record Video feature.  It can even be someone from their family sharing holiday traditions, recipes and other fun.
9.  I love using Buncee for creating book talks to share with students, teachers and families. 

Cantata Learning has the best new set, Holidays in Rhythm and Rhyme, that is paired with wonderful stories, songs and illustrations.  

You could use this Cantata Learning series to create a Buncee Book Talk....or in this case, a Buncee Series Talk.  

With the books all being part of the Cantata Learning YouTube Channel, you could add these to your Buncee as a video too. When a video is embedded, you can play it right from the Buncee online or app.  
10. One more idea I have been tossing around is to host a Holiday Christmas Buncee Exchange.  

Students can use the Buncee app or website to create a holiday greeting Buncee.  When they are finished, they can be shared with others around the world.  This could be part of a geography or history project keeping track of the different locations on a Google Map or paper map...even a globe.

In the one above, I added a video, Cantata Learning's Merry Christmas, to make my holiday greeting for others around the world even more special and engaging.  They can sing along as they learn about Christmas. 

As you can see, Buncee has brought together the best tool box for holidays, learning, creating, and fun.  

I also wanted to point out all of the ideas for Holidays Around the World on Pinterest.  You will find so many here

Happy Holidays Friends....Please share how you will use Buncee in your library, classroom and at home during the holiday too. 

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