Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Books and Resources To Inspire Kindness

Over Thanksgiving break, my family went to the movie Wonder.  Not only was this one of our favorite books to read aloud at home and in the library, it is now one of our all-time favorite movies too.  

Afterwards it inspired conversations between us about acceptance, differences and of course, always being kind to others.  
We are also thankfully seeing this theme more and more within our school communities, libraries and classrooms.  Kindness is taught throughout meaningful lessons, songs, books, arts and crafts, and more.  

Today I would love to share a few ideas for bringing kindness to your space and work too.  

Tonight at 8:00pm CST we can join teacher librarians Shawna Ford and Michelle Cooper for #txlchat as they talk about encouraging our students to give back this holiday season in the Kindness Counts conversation here on Twitter. 

You just follow and use #txlchat to be part of the conversation.  
Last month, we celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13. 
For this special event, I brought together lots of wonderful resources, lessons, posters, crafts, stories and songs into the World Kindness Day Collection by Destiny.  These resources can be used to embed and teach kindness within your school and community all year long. 
I love Books That Inspire Us To Be Better and you will find all of these shown above on this....
Titlewave List.  You can also search books like Wonder and with themes of kindness within Destiny. 
There are also helpful resources included in the National Bullying Prevention Awareness Resources Collection
I love tying in kindness to art and craft activities and these are perfect for the library and classroom....even at home with families too.  If you take a look on Pinterest, you will find so many.  

Here is one list of Kindness Arts and Crafts that I found on Pinterest. 
On the Books Filled With Kindness Padlet, my daughter Brianna and I have gathered together lots of books focusing on kindness.  Please feel free to add more to this too.

With all of these resources and even more, you will bring kindness to your students too.  I can't think of anything more important this holiday season and throughout the year.  

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